Leo horoscope for 23 december 2019

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

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Jupiter will be in your 6th house from the 3rd onwards and well into next year. Job changes should be welcomed. Big improvements are happening. Once again it is necessary to change your health regime. Sometimes these kinds of eclipses produce health scares, but your health is very good and any such scare will probably not amount to much.

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Children and children figures in your life are affected by this eclipse, so it is best if they take it easy over this period. If foreign travel can be avoided it should. They have had a prosperous past year and now and for next year the prosperity is even stronger. Every solar eclipse forces you to re-imagine and redefine yourself. This one is no different.


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The month ahead, eclipse notwithstanding, is happy. Health is good.

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Save energy, take care of yourself, spending this day at a moderate pace. Give priority to activities aimed at strengthening the body especially immunity. For Pisces, December 23 may be something of an unplanned jubilee. There is a chance that for some reason you will be the number one person at a cultural event, a friendly party or a family feast. The rest of Sunday will be quite ordinary. In the evening, a slight illness may occur, triggered by fatigue or stress.

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Leo December 12222 Horoscope

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Leo December Horoscope – Birthday Compatibility

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Sun enters Scorpio

The Zodiac Signs. Capricorn energy is all about manifestation, so for the next few weeks, consider what you would like to welcome in the New Year. Whether you're focusing on career, relationships, health, or emotions, the sun's movement through Capricorn will help you come up with practical solutions that guarantee success. The full moon in Cancer on Saturday, December 22 will create a powerful opposition between our foundation and our aspirations.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

During this bright, vivid sky, don't be surprised if you become suddenly aware of the cost of your achievement. However, don't panic.

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Everything in life is always a balancing act, so this sharp perspective is nothing to fear. Let the full moon's nocturnal radiance broaden your horizons. Quite fittingly, Mars — the planet of action — drifts into impulsive Aries on Monday, December 31 , right in time to ring in Aries is governed by Mars, so when this planet occupies the fiery zodiac sign, we're ready to launch into action. There will be a lot of energy this New Year's Eve, so if you are sensitive to the collective consciousness, you may want to sit this one out.

With Mars feeding off Aries, will definitely be going out with bang. Mars the planet of action moves into Aries on Monday, December 31 , which is huge news for you. Mars is your planetary ruler, so when this fiery celestial body activates your own sign, the results are explosive. Read your full December horoscope here. A new astrological season begins on Friday, December 21 when the sun dips into Capricorn. Mercury goes direct on Thursday, December 6 , adding some levity to your daily routines. Now that the planet of expression is back in business, however, you can pick up where you left off.